How to upcycle men’s shirts into bunting

BEST BUNTING This is one of  our favourite ReCraft projects ever. Whatever you think about bunting and we have a somewhat ambiguous relationship with the flapping flags  phenomenon (see our earlier musings on overcoming tweeness paranoia) it does add an air of summer frivolity – and we could all do with...

14th May 2018

Baby Booties Kit in Let’s Knit magazine

Buttonbag Baby Booties gift kit in the June issue of Let's Knit magazine

10th May 2018

New Competition: “Look what I made!” and Create Time with Buttonbag

We’re kicking off our new Create Time with Buttonbag  competition and inviting everyone to shout out “LOOK WHAT I MADE!” Create Time today with a bit of sticking, sewing, cutting  or making and send us the results. Post a picture on our facebook page by following the link below...

23rd February 2018

Easy Hand-knitted Scarf (with pom poms) free knitting pattern

How to knit a super simple chunky scarf and decorate with pom poms

19th January 2018

How to do Easy Finger Knitting: instructions and ideas for children’s finger knitting projects

Finger Knitting is easy to learn and a fantastic way to get children familiar with wool. You can use any kind of knitting yarn - thick or thin, and it works really well if you use three or more different yarns together. If you want learn how...

16th January 2018