Make your own easy heart decorations

It’s never too early to start making Christmas decorations, especially when we’re all spending more time at home. Create time with your family this year by making these lovely hanging hearts.


They are really quick and easy; hand-sewn, making the stitches part of the decoration sew.

If you don’t have any scraps of suitable fabric, think about ReCrafting an old tee-shirt or jumper – you can also cut up left over fabric to make stuffing. There are lots of other ideas in the Buttonbag book ReCraft. 

If you want to add words – we have used Love, Peace, Joy and Hope, lightly write them in first, then go over with a simple running stitch.

winter hearts

Don’t forget we also have a Christmas decorations suitcase which contains everything you need to make four fantastic festive decorations which are bound to adorn your tree for years to come. Make a little stocking, a dove, a star and a pudding complete with holly and button berries! Pre-cut shapes make this easy for beginners and more experienced sewers alike. Available here.

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