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Create Time for you and your children with Buttonbag craft kits

Whether it’s knitting, sewing, cross stitch or simple cutting and sticking, Buttonbag craft kits for children open up a whole new world of creative learning. Designed in the UK, our craft and sewing kits have been developed to teach children time-tested crafting skills in a fun, fresh way. In today’s modern world, activities that allow children to develop creative skills away from screens are more important than ever. With bright, attractive designs, clear instructions and inspiring projects, Buttonbag craft and sewing kits for children are the perfect alternative to screen time.

Learning to knit or sew improves fine motor skills, hand-to-eye coordination, problem-solving and could even lay the groundwork for a life-long creative passion. Making things, tangible things that you can hold in your hand, is one of the great joys in life.

Whether they are making a fluffy pompom, a felt elephant or a Christmas decoration, most children (and a lot of adults) love the opportunity to proudly say: “Look what I made!”

It’s why the motto at Buttonbag HQ is “Create Time”.

Buttonbag kits have full instructions but we’ve also got some handy tips. Here’s a taster...

Drawing on the backgrounds of its founders, Sara Duchars and Sarah Marks, Buttonbag specialises in textile-based crafts like sewing, knitting, cross stitch and embroidery. While many of our craft kits have been specially designed for children, lots of the kits are suitable for crafters of all ages – from beginners to more experienced makers.

Take a look in our making section for simple jewellery kits, like our felt and button jewellery kit and peg doll kits. You will find loads of upcycling ideas and projects in our craft books, ReCraft and BoyCraft. Both show you how to transform second-hand stuff into brilliant makes for you, your friends, your home and family – for very little money.

Crafty parties

Lots of our craft kits for children make perfect crafty party activities. Look out for kits that have lots of easy quick makes – such as Mouse House, Friendship Bracelets or Butterflies and Bows for younger children. Not only do the party guests have fun making them, but they have something special and unique to take away from the party afterwCards. Our mini cross stitch kits for children and mini feltie kits make great gifts for party bags too.

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