Make beautiful bunting from shirt fabric

Upcycled Bunting

Now we are allowed to hang out in our gardens with friends again, and spring feels like it is in the air, this easy-to-make bunting will look lovely hanging in your garden or on your balcony.

This is one of the projects from our book all about upcycling:  ReCraft  available on our website.

bunting blog no wordsYou can make bunting out of pretty much anything –  we have made it out of old jeans, Sainsbury’s shopping bags, felt, even old tea-towels. But our favourite is from men’s cotton shirts. You can pick these up for next to nothing in your local charity shop, and, when cut up into triangles, they’ll provide masses of randomly coordinating flags. Click the link below to download the full how-to Instructions –  based on one of the projects in our upcycling book ReCraft.

As a rule of thumb, we reckon on each shirt providing about two metres of flags.

beano buntingCHEAT TIP

Here’s our favourite cheat tip  for the quickest, easiest-ever NO SEW bunting. Cut out the triangles and staple to ribbon or tape. There. That’s it. No hemming, no pinning –  NO SEWING!

This is the one to do when you say you’ll make bunting for the school fete, and you realise that you have about 2 hours to make 200 metres!

Send us your bunting pictures!

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