Christmas Advent Calendar


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Nothing is more exciting to children then counting down the days until Christmas. Bringing out your own hand-made personalised Advent Calendar each year will make it even more special. The good news is it's really easy to sew, with 24 pre-cut square felt pockets to sew onto a cotton panel. No hemming needed, and the cotton panel is already marked to show you where to place the pockets so you don't need to worry about measuring things. Cut letters and numbers out of the special sticky-backed felt - four colours are included - to decorate and personalise the calendar. It comes in its own suitcase, so you can keep everything together while you are making it. The only tricky thing is deciding what to put in the pockets: sweets, stickers, messages, small toys, whatever you like. Each kit makes one 80 x 40 cm Advent Calendar. Contents: cotton panel, 24 pre-cut pockets, 4 colours sticky felt, embroidery threads, needle kit, instructions and templates.