Sewing - Craft kits for children


Buttonbag offers a range of sewing kits for children – providing everything you need to get your children sewing from a young age. Our First Sewing Kits for children feature four different creatures, simple felt shapes with pre-punched holes, plastic safety needles and stick-on googly eyes. Our top tip for teaching children to sew is to knot the embroidery thread firmly onto the needle before starting. Children love helping to stuff the animal and will be absolutely thrilled to make something themselves using our sewing kits. In bright, primary colours, these children’s sewing kits are designed to appeal as much to little boys as girls.

We are often asked what age can children start learning how to sew. We tend to say about four – depending on the child and who is helping, and it’s useful to think of early sewing as a threading activity. Try tying thin ribbon to a plastic safety needle and encouraging children to thread beads, pasta shapes or buttons. Buttonbag’s Butterflies and Bows sewing kit with a plastic safety needle, thin shiny satin ribbon and felt butterflies with holes already cut into them, is designed to encourage exactly this kind of thing. See five-year-old Ella explaining how it works.

For youngsters under the age of seven, look for children’s sewing kits that feature pre-cut shapes, since cutting accurately with scissors can be more challenging for young children than using a needle and thread.

When they do start using scissors, encourage children to be as accurate as they can when cutting out. Buttonbag’s Learn How to Sew suitcase is packed full of sewing accessories, fabrics and felt. There are plenty of small, easy sewing projects for children and enough fabric left over for them to start designing and creating things for themselves.