Making - Craft kits for children


Making things is an important part of fostering creativity in children. Creativity isn’t an in-born talent – it’s a skill, like cooking, that improves the more you do it. Buttonbag’s craft kits for children can help to teach creative crafting skills and inspire young minds – opening the door to a life-long love of creativity and ‘making’ things.

Children’s creativity can be nurtured both by encouraging them to explore processes such as drawing, modelling, sewing or cross stitch, and seeing where their imagination takes them. Or by inspiring them to learn skills by focusing on a finished project and the steps needed to complete it. Whatever approach works best for your children, our children’s craft kits will help them along the way and provide rewarding projects for young makers to complete.

You will also find loads of projects and processes in our two craft books Recraft and BoyCraft – helping you to inspire creativity among children of all ages.