Knitting - Craft kits for children


If you’re looking for knitting kits for children, the Buttonbag Learn How to Knit Kit has carefully graded projects and full-colour instructions. It shows you how to cast on and off and offers lots of advice to help you teach children how to knit. Using our children’s knitting kits, children can learn to knit at quite a young age – as young as five or six if they are really keen – but it all depends on the dexterity of the individual child. 

Remember to keep first projects small and easy to finish. You don’t want to put children off knitting by starting them on a scarf that will take several years to complete. A good first project is the knitted “monsters” in the Learn How To Knit Kit. For this beginner project, you make two small squares using the most basic garter stitch, then sew them together and decorate with buttons, felt shapes and woolly hair. All our knitting kits for children feature brightly coloured machine-washable double-knit wool and tactile bamboo knitting needles.

Finger knitting and pompom making are also excellent ways to get children used to working with yarn. Check out our blog for more tips on teaching children to knit, and download some useful step-by-step illustrations.