Cross Stitch - Craft kits for children

Cross Stitch

Think of cross stitch as easy embroidery. Our cross stitch kits for children are the ideal way to get started. With just the one simple stitch, you and your children can create beautiful pictures that make great cards, or can be sewn on to bags, cushions or turned into purses and pencil cases.

Our children’s cross stitch kits use a nine-count aida fabric (which means there are nine holes per inch) as the base. All have the design printed directly onto the fabric, making them easy for children and beginners to follow. The fabric is also quite stiff, so you don’t need an embroidery hoop. However, a hoop can make a great frame for displaying your cross stitch and you’ll find there’s a lovely bamboo hoop included in our children’s Cross Stitch Picture kit.

Whatever you are cross stitching, remember to work colour by colour, in rows across the design. First make a row in one direction, then go back and “cross” all the stitches in the row. (Don’t worry – all this is explained in the instructions supplied with your children’s cross stitch kit!) And our top tip is to keep the work neat and the holes open by tugging each stitch quite firmly as you go along.