Crochet - Craft kits for children


Are you a knitter, a crocheter, or both? The main difference between knitting and crochet is that knitting requires a pair of knitting needles, while crochet is worked on just the one hook. If you want your children to learn a fun new crafting skill, our crochet kits for children give you everything you need to get started.

Traditionally, crochet is associated with blankets and shawls – think granny squares – but crochet is also particularly brilliant for making 3D objects. It’s a top choice for crafting fruit-shaped pin-cushions, amusing vegetables and animals, like our crochet sausage dog. In fact, crochet can be a bit like sculpting with yarn.

As always, Buttonbag recommends starting off small and simple using our children’s crochet kits. The first projects in the Learn How to Crochet kit for children are simple single chain bracelets, giving children the chance to practise basic crochet skills. Once they’ve got the hang of it, they can move on to more challenging projects.