Easter Bunny Ears – download our easy pattern and whip up a pair of bunny ears in no time at all!

Make your own bunny ears hoodlet for the easter bonnet parde with our quick and easy pattern. Can easily be adapted to make bears, mice or any other animal

16th April 2011

Sock Puppets

Stripy Dragon Everybody has a few spare socks lurking in the back of a drawer – dig out your most colourful specimens and make this fearsome dragon. Zebra Sock puppets are simple and quick to make – you can sew or glue buttons, beads, ear shapes and hair on...

16th April 2011


Bunting is a brilliant way of using up all those scraps of fabric that are too good to throw away but too small to really know what to do with. And, unlike patchwork – which is the other great thing to do with lots of small bits of material...

16th April 2011

Knitted Pets

This is a fantastic first knitting project for children or beginners. It is ideal for teachinig children how to knit as you only need to cast on a few stitches and knit a few rows. You don’t need much yarn and you can use whatever you can find –...

16th April 2011

Knitting for Children

We are really pleased to launch the new version of the knitting kit. It now has six balls of brightly coloured  double knit yarn, bamboo knitting needles, scissors, tape measure, four colours of felt, a sewing kit including buttons, sewing thread and plastic and metal sewing needles. It also...

14th September 2010