Make Your own Christmas Heart decorations

13th December 2017


Christmas is a great time to get crafty and make your own decorations.


These little Christmas heart decorations are really quick and easy. We hand-sew them, making the stitches part of the decoration –  but you could also machine sew. If you don’t have have any scraps of suitable fabric, think about reCrafting an old tee-shirt or jumper –  you can also cut up left over fabric to make stuffing.

f you want to add words –  we have used Love, Peace, Joy and Hope, pencil them in first with a light pencil or crayon. The hearts also look good peeping out of Christmas greenery on a mantle-piece, table or staircase, or added to a present.

You could even use them as place-markers on your Christmas table.The pattern is at the end of the blog.



winter hearts