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hand-made owl keyring kit from a young Buttonbagger

19th September 2018

15 Minute Makes; screen free ideas – craft kits for children

Screen-free ideas: craft kits for children

10th March 2017

Boys Can Knit. Fact.

  This is Lucas, aged 8, and his mum  has sent us a lovely picture of the amazing scarf he is knitting. Lucas goes to a knitting club  at school and he started the scarf with wool in his Buttonbag Knitting kit. He needed some more yellow and red...

6th March 2014

Monster-making at Grafton Primary School

Here are some of the fantastic monsters that the talented Year 3 children in Gold  class at Grafton Primary School made today. Buttonbag worked with children in four classes at Grafton to sew monsters based on a projects in our new book BoyCraft  as part of their celebration of...

6th March 2014

Sophie’s Owls

Sophie, aged 9, made these Owls from her Buttonbag Owl House Kit. We think she’s done a fantastic job and we really like the way she has used different colour thread for each owl face.  Great sewing, Sophie.

25th February 2014