Dolly Knits

We have been working hard on our big project for autumn; the Buttonbag Knitting Kit. Mittens, hats, purses and bags are all included in the instructions, but someone thought it would be fun to use up all the left-over bits of wool making dolls clothes – afterall – that’s what...

29th June 2010

Our Patterned Hand

Craft in Hackney Have you noticed how many new funky craft, sewing and knitting shops are opening up? Loop in Islington has long been a top destination  for wool and Fabrications on Broadway Market – a stone’s throw across the park  from Buttonbag HQ –  specialises incontemporary textiles and...

16th June 2010

Make your own Sock Puppets – cute ideas for children’s puppets from odd socks

So it’s 8.35 on a Wednesday morning, five out of six shoes found, swimming things dragged from under the bed, homework rescued from recycling and weetabix (mostly) scraped off school jumpers. And then the eldest says, “Mum, I need to make a sock puppet for class.” And I say,...

27th May 2010

Advent Calendar -sneak preview

We’ve been putting the finishing touches to our new advent calendar kit this week ready for a photoshoot on Tuesday. We’re getting quite excited about Christmas – even though its seven months away and we’re off camping in the lovely sunshine this weekend.

21st May 2010

We Love Bunting!! – a great free craft project for summer

I used to be very anti-bunting. It was just too twee, just a bit too try-too-hard. That was until we decided to finally tackle the enormous boxes of left-over material piled up in the corner of the studio. And that was when we realised that making your own Bunting is a...

7th May 2010