Easy Fake Beards for last minute Halloween Costumes

Easy no sew last minute Halloween costumes

30th September 2016


Creepy Craft: easy makes for Halloween

Lots of creepy craft projects for half-term Halloween fun

30th September 2016


How to make an easy no-sew Halloween zombie costume

Easy no sew zombie Halloween costumes

30th September 2016

Trick or Treat

Halloween trick or treat ideas: spooky eyeballs

An easy last-minute trick for halloween

30th September 2016

Look what I found

Trick or Treat Halloween tricks

Halloween Craft Dead man’s finger.  If you’ve never done this classic trick, try it this Halloween – it’s brilliantly effective –  the flour and water “paint”  gives your skin a spooky “dead” look as it dries.  When you are showing  people your dead man’s finger think up a good cover...

27th October 2013