BoyCraft – make a lego playmat

Bag O Bricks….. or cars… or dinosaurs Imagine all the Lego spread out over the floor so you can find exactly the brick you need –  even the little see-through circle things and the laser guns and Indiana Jone’s whip. Now pretend you could scoop up the floor, together...

29th May 2013

BoyCraft – things to make with boys

  Craft isn’t just for girls –  boys love making things too.  But there isn’t much stuff designed to appeal to them. Craft books are full of girly handbags, and things to wear, while most making books aimed at boys are  full of pseudo-science experiments or paper aeroplanes. But boys...

23rd May 2013

Five out of Five for Buttonbag Love Hearts Craft Kit

We were truly delighted to find a glowing review of our Love Hearts sewing kit in a local Bedfordshire newspaper.  Tester Alice Ryan gave the hearts 5 out of  5 and said:  “The instructions were incredibly easy to follow: once I’d cut out the paper heart templates and pinned them onto...

22nd May 2013

present cupboard offer

11th May 2013