Courtney has just spent two  weeks with us on work experience from Stoke Newington School in Hackney. She arrived last Monday morning ready to learn all about Buttonbag and was soon busy trying out designs for a newrange of easy sewing kits for very young children. Here she is with a turtle of...

27th March 2012

Oxfam thrifty kits

ReCraft – Buttonbag’s brand new range of ReCrafting Kits for Oxfam We are really excited about the new range of  ReCrafting Kits  we have developed exclusively for Oxfam. All the kits allow you to turn your second-hand finds-  hopefully bought from Oxfam –  into beautiful things for your friends, family...

26th March 2012

International Women’s Day party

A Big thank-you to everyone who came to our International Womens Day Party on Thursday March 8th. We raised over £600 for Oxfam and had lots of fun too. We  really hope you enjoyed the quiz, clothes swap and cake bake and look forward to seeing you in your...

20th March 2012

Butterfly girls

Luckily, the sun came out last week when we were shooting our new Butterfly and Ribbons kit. Iris and Martha were fantastic models –  and disproved everything you’ve ever heard about working with children –  They were complete stars.

20th March 2012

Bunny Hutch, Sewing Tin, Sew Magazine, March 2012

3rd March 2012