Knit a Unicorn Scarf

Knit a Unicorn Scarf

Buttonbag’s Unicorn Scarf Knitting Kit is a beginner-friendly starter knitting kit suitable for children, complete novices and anyone who’s feeling a bit rusty. Including full instructions showing how to knit as well as the pattern, it is a great easy starter knitting project for a child, or to knit with a child now that winter is here.

Knitted entirely in garter stitch, all the details –  such as the eyes and the mane are added on afterwards. The eyes are embroidered on, using the big plastic needle, and the mane is a series of individual tassels which are knotted onto the underside of the scarf.


With just a few simple shaping stitches such as knitting into the front and back of a stitch to increase the overall number of stitches  –  or knitting two together to decrease the stitches – the  scarf grows quickly.

The Unicorn Scarf is just one of the beginner knitting kits available form the the Buttonbag shop.

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