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Dead man’s finger.  If you’ve never done this classic trick, try it this Halloween – it’s brilliantly effective –  the flour and water “paint”  gives your skin a spooky “dead” look as it dries.  When you are showing  people your dead man’s finger think up a good cover story  and tell it with a straight face . Oliver likes to tell one about hearing a knock at the door late at night, creeping downstairs, opening the door andd  finding this “thing” on the doorstep.

 You will need:

An empty match box

flour and water or white paint

a tissue (or a few squares of loo roll)

red paint or felt tip pen or tomato ketchup

How to make a dead man’s finger.

1. Cut a hole in the tray of the match box large enough to fit your finger through. Cut a slot in the sleeve. Put it back together and have a go at putting your finger in,c losing and opening the lid.

2. Mix a tablespoon of flour and water together into a thick paste and paint onto your finger. As it dries it will go flaky and help give the illusion of dead skin.

3. Put a little tissue in the box making sure you don’t obstruct the hole and paint liberally with red pen, paint or tomato ketchup. Now poke your finger through and close the box.

More Halloween projects coming soon.



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