Mother’s day homemade cards and handmade presents – how to make a fabric patch


Easy handmade Mother’s day cards and home made presents for mum


We’ve got some really simple and effective ideas for mothers day cards and presents using scraps of fabric or felt and double-sided patch paper. You can either buy packs of card blanks or glue fabric or wrapping paper over old cards for some truly thrifty crafting. For our applique cushions we used some  home-made cushion covers upcycled from  men’s stripey shirts –  this was one of our favourite projects in ReCraft and a mixture of cotton fabric and felt.


Mother’s Day Cards



Choose a shape from one of our free templates below. You may want to increase or decrease the size to suit your card or project.  Find a piece of fabric big enough for the design. Cut a piece of patch paper just smaller than the fabric. Put the patch paper glue-side down on the wrong side of the fabric. Tip: you’ll see that one side is more “papery” than the other –  this is the side that touches the iron. Iron the patch paper to the fabric on a medium setting. Pin on paper template, or neatly draw around it. You can do this on the fabric side or the paper side in which case remember your design will be the mirror image. Cut the design out with sharp scissors and carefully peel off the paper backing. You have now made a fabric patch. You can either iron this directly onto the card, or onto a cushion or onto anything else….. a fabric bag, curtains, a jean jacket

We know you will be writing  a personal message inside your mother’s day card, but you can also add  interest to the design with a typed message on the outside. Print out your message in a pretty colour and a quirky font, cut  out and stick to the card.



Alternatievly, if you don’t want to use patch paper you can simply sew the patches on to fabric or just stick onto card.




unicorn-template buttonbag-shapes flamingo-large




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