Monkey Making ReCraft Project – upcycle an old jumper

Jumper Monkeys  

This is one of our favourite projects from BoyCraft, Buttonbag’s  second reCrafting book. All you need is an old jumper, and a scrap of felt or other material for the face detail. You can add velcro to the hands  make it a self-hugging monkey. It would be possible to hand-sew this monkey, but it will be quicker and neater if you can machine sew. The good thing is, you really don’t need to make a pattern –  you can just free-hand draw a big U shape on the jumper. if you don’t feel confident enough to do that, just make a simple paper pattern first from a sheet of newspaper or a magazine.


You will need an old jumper, two buttons, some felt, needle and thread, and acrylic toy-stuffing


Just hanging out together….

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