Homemade Halloween Costumes


I have to admit, on the halloween horror scale of 1-scariness –  this lot don’t really make it past 0!

OOH – this is a bit of a track through the archives. I’ve found some pictures of our favourite home-made halloween costumes-  the ones we used to make into kits and sell at Greenwich market. Those days seem a long time ago now –  especially when I think how old the children in the pictures are nowadays. I can honestly say that are much scarier now – whatever they’re wearing –  than they were then. I’m going to try and upload all the patterns we used too in the next few days –  They were all pretty simple and could be hand-sewn or even glued.The  scary fairy costume was a big hit and and the  multi-purpose cloak –  black velvet for a vampire –  sparkly for a wizard or a witch came out year after year too.. The vampire waistcoat can be adapted to make a bodice for the witch dress too.

Getting Scarier

By the time we wrote BoyCraft –  the costumes (and the kids) had got a little bit scarier.

This inspired a Creepy Craft Kit for Halloween too,  with rats, bats and spiders to make.

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