How to do Easy Finger Knitting: instructions and ideas for children’s finger knitting projects

Finger Knitting is easy to learn and a fantastic way to get children familiar with wool. You can use any kind of knitting yarn –  thick or thin, and it works really well if you use three or more different yarns together.  If you want learn how to finger knit, or you want to teach children to finger knit, read on….

In fact, finger knitting is a great way of using up bits and bobs –  and you don’t need any equipment (other than your finger’s of course!).


We’ve also found it is really popular with boys –  the proof’s above!

Finger Knitting is  much easier than making friend bracelets and because its so fast, it’s a perfect 15-minute make. Great for getting the kids away from screens on cold afternoons. Here are some picture to get you started  or you can Download the full  Finger knit instructIONS here.



Buttonbag makes a lovely Finger Knitting Kit  –  which makes a great gift. We’re offering our readers a 20% discount with the code finger20


FINGER KNITTING KIT  –  normally £9.99




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