Easy thank-you cards for teachers – a 15-minute make

Schools Out!

A home-made card thank-you card for a favourite teacher is  an easy and rewarding 15-minute make. You don’t need any special materials at all, just scissors, glue and some scraps of  coloured paper or fabric (an old school t-shirt maybe?) Print out our free template below for lots of simple shapes. If you don’t have ready-made card blanks  fold a piece of A4 paper in 4 to give your card a bit more structure.

Easy home-made Thank-you cards.

Easy home-made Thank-you cards.


Our top themes for teachery thanks.

Elephants –  good for memory; owls – known  for their wisdom, and

seedlings  – well they grow (just like children)


Easy Bunting card. This is a great last-minute card for any occasion. Cut some triangles from coloured paper (or fabric). Use a plate to draw two shallow curves on a card. Stick on the triangles and add an appropriate message!

Top tip: If you haven’t got any coloured paper, use pages from a magazine or colour supplement. Paper bags and envelopes are a good source for brown or coloured paper.

A mini book makes a sweet card –  children can add any pictures or messages on the pages.

 Cut 3 rectangles of plain paper twice as long as they are wide,(ours is 10 x 5 cm) and a “cover”  from coloured paper. Staple together  – or hold the pages together with a piece of thread  – or string. (You could stitch it of you want to get fancy!)

Download this template for lots of ideas ….thank-you-card-template

More shapes below……

Buttonbag shapes

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