Action men ideas for homemade father’s day presents


Historical Action Men

Here’s a quick idea to  help you celebrate Father’s Day with a home-made present. Turn old action figures into characters from history! You just need a few scraps of fabric for the clothes and then you can create all kinds of cool weapons, hats and other bits of gear from the recycling box. You’ll find patterns for all of the costumes shown here in our craft book BoyCraft, available from



Our  top tips

Viking man’s shield is a jam-jar lid and Tutankhamun ‘s  headpiece is the top of a washing up liquid bottle. Henry VIII’s shoulder pads are made from two wire wool scrubbing puffs!


Sleeveless tunics don’t need to be sewn – just cut a hole for the head and tie around the body with wool or string. And don’t let Barbie miss out on the action. Every Ken needs his Cleo.




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