BoyCraft – things to make with boys

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Craft isn’t just for girls –  boys love making things too.  But there isn’t much stuff designed to appeal to them. Craft books are full of girly handbags, and things to wear, while most making books aimed at boys are  full of pseudo-science experiments or paper aeroplanes. But boys actually like making stuff –  even stitching and sewing! We have three boys between us (Sara has a daughter as well) and we’ve been sticking, cutting, sewing and making things with them for years. We’re now putting lots of those ideas and projects into a book which will be out early next year called BoyCraft.  We thought that while we’re working on the book it would be a good idea to blog some of the stuff we’re doing with the lads, and we’d love any feedback or ideas about the stuff your boys like making.


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