Murray and Wiz on the Buttonbag Stand

If you happened to be walking down Upper Street this morning at 10 o clock, you might have wondered why Islington was heaving with impeccably turned-out, beautifully groomed ladies marching in determined formation towards the Business Design centre when they looked like they would be more comfortable sitting on a horse or fund raising for the local Conservative Party Asssociation.
The answer is the first day of Country Living Christmas Fair. – Even if you are not a horsey-type, let alone a Tory-type, do come down – there’s loads of hand-made stuff and beautiful things. As well as special Buttonbag offers -we are on stand P61 – and you’ll almost certainly meet my dad and stepmum, Murray and Wiz, who are brilliantly running the stand for the fifth-year. (thank-you!!)

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