By Royal appointment!

Much excitement at Buttonbag HQ. The sight of police cars streaming into the yard on Wednesday afternoon immediately made us think more riots were heading our way – we’re a stone’s throw from one of the recent trouble spots in Hackney.
However, who should step out of the car but Prince Charles and Camilla! Had they run out of craft kits at Clarence House? Alas, they had not popped in for a Love Hearts Sewing Kit, but were visiting Fairbridge – a charity that is part of the Prince’s Trust and occupies the floor below us. But as they were leaving, Sara had the foresight to grab a Fairytale Peg Doll Kit – (which is after, all based on a royal wedding!) and an Adventure Peg Doll Kit and offer them to the Duchess. She was, I can honestly report, delighted!

“How marvellous,” she said. “I’ve got the grandchildren visiting this weekend – they’ll be perfect.”
Well said, Ma’am.


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