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Every Buttonbag peg doll kit is a story waiting to be told with traditional pegs, pipe-cleaners and glue. With plenty of extra material and trimmings these kits provide hours of creative, imaginative play and children are encouraged to experiment with their own designs. Although this is mostly a sticking activity, we have included a needle and thread so older children can try sewing.

Ages 5+

Adventure Figures Peg Kit


This kit was developed in response to the huge demand for a peg kit for boys with NO FRILLY BITS! It contains everything needed to make six exciting figures including a Robin Hood, a warrior king, a pirate...

Ages 6+

Fairy Pegs


The Fairytale Peg Doll Kit is a brand new version of one of Buttonbag's all-time best sellers. Now all the costumes are printed on a cotton panel and children can simply colour in the clothes, cut...